SIMPAR (Study In Multidisciplinary PAin Research) group has been created in 2007 by Dr Allegri with the aim to create the first international translational research group to better investigate acute and chronic pain.

Currently, the first idea of Dr Allegri, Prof Fanelli and other researchers from the University of Parma is gathered together with some of the most important European, USA and Canadian Universities and Research Centers.

Once a year, the group organizes a meeting in which basic scientists and clinicians can discuss all together in a real translational way how to find new modalities to diagnose and treat pain recognizing it not only as symptom but also as a disease that could impair outcome of patients.

SIMPAR meeting has become the only place whereunto only You can understand from bench to bedside how to change your clinical practice but also the only place You can really discuss in three wonderful days Your daily clinical or research activity with some of the most important scientists.

SIMPAR is not a simple meeting, is the only place where You can really connect Yourself with the most important and updated findings in the pain therapy: the only way to really "win the battle" against pain.

Join SIMPAR and join the unique SIMPAR atmosphere!


ISURA (International Symposium of Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine) is one of the the largest meeting completely dedicated to the application of ultrasound for regional anesthesia and pain medicine. We are organizing the 14th ISURA in Florence, which was regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by Forbes magazine.

As ultrasound is becoming an important tool in the peri-operative areas as well as pain management, we assemble a very exciting program to cover various facets of the use of ultrasound, including the use in gastric scanning, airway management, lung and diaphragmatic scan, guidance for regional anesthesia for peri-operative settings, and the application in the chronic pain management.